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Why Stem Cells for Ms treatment?

  • Stem cells could help when conventional medicine fails
  • Stem cells delay disabilities and overturn some damaged body functions caused by multiple sclerosis
  • Treatment with stem cells gives Ms patient a chance to go back couple of steps on EDS scale

Based on the diagnosis, physical state of the patient and other medical factors, our medical team will decide whether to perform stem cell extraction from adipose tissue (fat) and bone marrow, or to perform two bone marrow liquid extractions. How we perform Ms treatment

multiple sclerosis treatment

Type of cells we use

We use a combination of Ex Vivo, Autologous or Umbilical cord cells

    Autologous stem cells come from patient’s own body and are taken from either bone marrow or fat tissue, because those areas have the highest level of these cells. Sometimes, a combination of both are used for the best results. The dose that we work with contains about 150 million of them, which are later filtrated by a biologist and stem cell specialist. After they get sorted, cleaned, enhanced and activated, they are ready to be returned to patient’s body via IV drip.
Autologous stem cell transplant
    When stem cells get harvested from the patient’s body, either from adipose tissue or from bone marrow, first they get separated from the other cells, cleaned, and then counted. Therapeutic dose of stem cells – the number of stem cells proven to have a therapeutic effect on the patients is 150 million cells. Our experience over the years has shown that 95% of the cultures of stem cells achieve the number greater than 600 million cells, or if we are speaking in therapeutic doses - about 4 therapeutic doses.
ex vivo stem cells biology
    Various researches and studies prove that umbilical cord tissue stem cells have the ability to treat medical issues involving cartilage, nervous tissue and muscles. Those stem cells have the extraordinary ability to quickly regenerate and differentiate. Also they carry a great amount of mesenchymal stem cells. In some cases mesenchymal stem cells are extracted from the cord tissue and expanded ex vivo to reach greater results in regenerating the nervous and other tissues.
Umbilical stem cells

Stem cells treatment

How could stem cells help in treating MS?

  • Immunomodulation - prevent the immune system from attacking the nerve cells, or reduce the amount of damage done by multiple sclerosis disease
  • Remyelinating - stem cell treatment offers a revolutionary remyelination, meaning it has the power to reverse the loss of myelin and rebuild it, using a person’s own stem cells
  • Patients consider that stem cell treatment for MS improved their symptoms (on average) by 81,6 %.

Our clinic brought stem cell treatment for Ms to a completely new level, meaning that we create and customize each treatment for a specific patient.
We understand that symptoms, age, progression of a Ms disease, gender, health conditions, medical history etc vary and are unique to every individual.
We take time to learn each detail about our patients in order to form a treatment combination that is perfectly suitable.

Ms treatment clinic


True stories with patients after MS treatment procedure

Stem cells treatment procedure

Treatment procedure can be done in couple of hours

New inovative methods for boosting stem cells treatment results

revitalizing and regenerating procedures that can augment treatment result


Enriches cells with oxygen, enlarges blood vessels and helps the stem cells have safe and free passage through bloodstream all the way to the problematic area.

Capillary blood flow enables enlarged number of stabile and resilient stem cells, which increases the percent of their survival during extraction and activation.

oxyven for ms treatment
Laser Blood Stimulation

Blood detoxification and regeneration of the damaged blood vessels. In addition, it helps the stem cells have easier passage to the area where the problem first occurred.

Laser blood stimulation also increases the blood flow, the flow of nutrients, strengthens the immune system - which increases body resistance to diseases and increases the number and stability of stem cells.

stem cells ms treatment laser blood stimulation

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, which is why levels of antibodies in blood are abnormally high. Plasmapheresis filters blood and decreases the number of antibodies.

In addition, it eliminates toxins from the organism, causing the blood that is circling back to become pure.

Plasmapheresis for ms treatment procedure

Physiotherapy is very important and it is an individual privilege that is customized for every multiple sclerosis patient, depending on the condition and the disease.

When the organism gets activated in the preparatory period, it helps stem cells manifest their activity quickly and efficiently.

ultrasound ms treatment therapy

Difference between HSCT and Swiss Medica stem cell therapy

Why our stem cell treatment is safer?


  • HSCT can be done only once in a life-time
  • Not for every ms patient
  • Requires Isolation
  • Serious consequences and side effects

Swiss Medica stem cells

  • Can be used multiple times
  • Treatment is suitable for almost every patient
  • Patients don’t need isolation
  • Totally safe without possibility of side effects

Patients after HSCT and SCT transplant

Several weeks of isolation
Patient after HSCT
No isloation needed
Ms patient stem cells

Expanded Disability Status Scale

How Ms treatments perform on EDSS

EDSS Ms scale

HSCT Consequences

  • Patients that are excepted for HSCT must have EDSS equal or lower than 6.0
  • patients that are older than 40 years of age and had been diagnosed more than 5 years preceding their HSCT had poor treatment outcomes
  • Post-chemo patients are considered as “never vaccinated” resulting in need for specific reimmunization
  • Returning to normal life can least several months, even years

SCT at Swiss Medica clinic

  • Results of our Stem cells treatment are almost equal for every patient on EDSS scale
  • Treatment with stem cells gives MS patients a chance to go back a couple of steps on an EDS scale
  • Immunomodulation - prevents the immune system from attacking the nerve cells, or reduce the amount of damage done by multiple sclerosis disease
  • Returning to normal life very soon after the treatment

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