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Ex vivo Stem Cells

Exvivo type of stem cellsWhen stem cells get harvested from the patient’s body, either from adipose tissue or from bone marrow, first they get separated from the other cells, cleaned, and then counted. Therapeutic dose of stem cells – the number of stem cells proven to have a therapeutic effect on the patients is 150 million cells.

Here at Swiss Medica we always aim at harvesting at least 200 million stem cells. 75% of the harvested cells (about 150 million cells) could get activated immediately and transplanted via infusion even the same day. The remaining 25% (about 50 million cells) are put into the incubator to be multiplied for possible future use. In the incubator the cells are given optimal conditions and the necessary stimuli for multiplication. Over the course of 4 weeks the cells exhaust the most of their potential for multiplication, and after that point their number cannot increase significantly. That is when we consider the multiplication process to be finished.

Because there are a lot of different factors affecting the multiplication potential of the stem cells (general condition, age, illnesses, medications) there is no certain way of telling in advance exactly what the total number of the stem cells would be after 4 weeks of cultivation. However, our experience over the years has shown that 95% of the cultures of stem cells achieve the number greater than 600 million cells, or if we are speaking in therapeutic doses - about 4 therapeutic doses.

This is why here in Swiss Medica we offer our patients to have their cells cultivated and cryopreserved for potential future use.

The advantages of Ex Vivo stem cells transplant

  1. No time like the present!
    • • It is a well-known fact that the number, multiplication potential, and regenerative potential of the stem cells decline over the years. This is due to a lot of different factors, the main ones being: aging, both present and potential future diseases, and both present and potential future medications.
  2. Every procedure carries a risk
    • • At Swiss Medica clinic we pay a lot of attention to the stem cell harvesting techniques, in order to minimize the possibility of complications. The procedures are being done in a highly sterile environment, and under strict supervision. They are being carried out with the minimum necessary amount of sedation in order to protect the patient and avoid as much of the potential complications as possible. The harvesting procedures have proven to be very safe, having only a minimal risk of complications associated with them. We are very proud of that. But it is always best to avoid having any risk, if it is possible. By cryopreserving your cells, you could get 5 therapeutic stem cell doses made ready for you, while undergoing just one harvesting procedure instead of five.
  3. The price
    • • The harvesting of the stem cells is an expensive procedure. (Its costs include everything from cell extraction and separation equipment, necessary medications, to costs of the staff members doing the procedure.) It is in the patient’s own best interest to avoid having all of these costs every time that the patient needs to receive a therapeutic stem cell dose. If you already went through a harvesting procedure, it is much less expensive for you that your cells get cryopreserved, and then just administered to you when necessary.

What is covered by Ex vivo expanded stem cells program?

If you agree to have your stem cells cryopreserved at the Swiss Medica clinic, we offer to have your stem cells frozen in liquid nitrogen at the temperature of – 196 ˚C. Cryopreserved cells could be used even decades later showing little or no change in the number and the quality of the cells. Also all the expenses of having the cells cultivated, and all the effort and material used in the process of achieving 4 therapeutic doses will be covered.

What is not covered by Ex vivo expanded stem cells program?

Every administration of the stem cells is looked upon as a new stem cell treatment. You would still need to have the neurometabolic infusions and the physiotherapy required to help you get the most out of your stem cell treatment. 5 days is considered to be minimum time needed for both pre and post stem cell administration treatment.


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