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Effects of multiple sclerosis

nervous system multiple sclerosisMultiple sclerosis causes problems in the whole body. Those problems can differ from person to person, but they usually affect the whole body.

Because multiple sclerosis is autoimmune disease it attacks its own myelin sheath, causing problems with functions of brain and spinal cord, stopping them to send signals to the rest of the body properly. Nerves are damaged so a person experiences dizziness, problems with memory, vertigo and emotional crisis.

Problems with vision are usually the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Blurriness, double vision and in some cases even pain, can occur. This can happen on one or both eyes. These kinds of problems usually stop over time, and are characteristic for the very beginning of a disease. People with multiple sclerosis can have trouble with hearing, but it is rare.

Speaking, swallowing and breathing can become a challenge. Four out of ten people experience troubles with poor articulation and control of their voice. This more often than not happens during the relapse time.

Pain, numbness and tingling in the limbs are very common as well. Because the brain is not sending signals correctly, a person usually has problems with coordination, balance and muscle weakness. Over time, walking can also become a problem.

Because of steroid treatments and low activity, people with multiple sclerosis have a high risk of developing osteoporosis. This makes bones weak and easily breakable, but it can be prevented with the right diet, supplements and regular activity.

Bladder and bowel functions are also worsen by multiple sclerosis. Eight out of ten diagnosed people suffer from it. Diet can balance out the problem, but in more severe cases medications can help.

Multiple sclerosis doesn’t affect reproductive system, but pregnant women might experience a relapse after delivering a baby.

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