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Multiple Sclerosis treatment procedure

One of the newer discoveries and the one that shows very good results in treating multiple sclerosis is a stem cell treatment. All the treatments until now were only working on helping a patient keep symptoms under control and prevent the further damage. Stem cell therapy does not only do that, but it helps repair the damage that has already been made, as well.

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Stem cells have the ability to make new cells and repair those that are damaged, because stem cells are already part of a body’s repair system naturally. The stem cell therapy is done with adult stem cells from person’s own organism, so there is no risk of side effects or rejection from the body. They can be extracted from either bone marrow or fat tissue, depending on a disease.

For treating multiple sclerosis it is better to use those coming from a fat tissue, because it is much easier to access, but also, the adipose tissue contains a much larger volume of mesenchymal stem cell than it is found in the bone marrow.

Swiss Medica uses the new technology that allows the whole procedure to be completed within one day, using extremely minimal manipulative methods. It is important for this process to be fast, because a high dose of stem cells can be obtained for only a couple of hours.

Enhanced Stem Cell treatment program at Swiss Medica clinic lasts for 12 days. Within this time a patients goes through several stages.

Diagnose is the first step that help the doctors create and alter the treatment for every individual. Diagnostics include blood, urine and saliva tests. If needed, organ targeted diagnostics such as Ultra-sound, MRI and X-Ray will also be done.

After the diagnose, a team of experts including internists, surgeons, anesthesiologists and stem cell specialists examine the patient and do consultations as a preparation for the treatment.

Finally, the patient is ready for a stem cell treatment that includes the next 4 stages.

The first phase, harvesting, starts by getting a small amount of fat from the patient’s waist are. There is only about 200cc needed, and this procedure is similar to liposuction, only easier, because there is no need for a lot of fat to be extracted. Getting stem cells from adipose tissue is also a lot less invasive than getting it from a bone marrow. Another positive side of both of these is that the donor and recipient is the same person, so there is no danger of host rejection.

After harvesting comes the next phase which is separation. Fat cells and stem cells are separated using a high-speed stem cell centrifuge machine. This process breaks apart these two types of cells from each other, using centrifugal force. The third phase is activation. Stem cells are enriched with the patient’s own blood plasma. Afterwards, this mixture is put into the AdiLight machine where they are photo activated. When this process is finished, stem cells are ready for a transfer.

At last, comes the treatment phase. During this time, the patient is resting and receiving the activated stem cells via standard IV drip. After getting into the body, stem cells are circulating the system for a short amount of time, until they become attracted to chernokine which is secreted in the area of the damaged tissue. Stem cells then rush and home to the injured area, and start turning into a new tissue.

stem cells treatment 4 stages

In order to enhance the treatment even more, a patient can have many different revitalizing and regenerating therapies at the clinic, which can augment results, such as Oxyven therapy, Blood irradiation therapy, Xenon gas therapy etc.

Upon finishing all these phases, a patient goes to post treatment analysis with Swiss Medica team. We recommend and consult the patient about the needed changes in diet, lifestyle etc. The check-up happens after 6 months (at the clinic or via phone or email), where Swiss Medica team analyze the current state of a patient and gives suggestions for managing the new, improved changes in the condition.

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