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Patient from UK with MS stem cells treatment experience

Client: Hails Eugene

Country: UK

My name is Hails, Hails Eugene, I am 52 now, my birthday was yesterday, from London, England. I was diagnosed with progressive MS 3 years ago. In England the only treatment I’ve had was interferon, which is a suppressive drug, which had no effects, which in fact was tormentum to my condition.

I saw this clinic on the website about 6 months ago and applied, got in touch with the clinic, sent them emails and I came here 2 weeks ago. I had 2 stem cell treatments, bone marrow and stomach, or from the fat, whatever it’s called. So since then I’ve also had quite a few procedures.

Last week, after the first treatment, I’ve noticed the positive change. Most of it was mental and there were some physical improvements as well, minor. Then this week I’ve had the second procedure, stem cell treatment, and again towards the end of this week I’ve noticed the positive change as well.

I am walking slightly better, even though neurologist said that my condition hasn’t improved dramatically at all, or it hasn’t improved at all, with his tests. I have noticed some slight physical improvements as well. So all in all, it’s been a positive experience. The staff here are fantastic, everyone’s helpful, all the doctors give you all the information that you need, if you’ve also got questions, they tell you exactly what they’re doing. And I’ve had no serious, actually, I’ve had no pain whatsoever. I’m sore in places where I’ve had injections and the treatment, but other than that I’ve experienced no physical pain, no actual pain. So I would recommend this place to anybody who’s looking to come out here. Moscow as a country is quite nice as well, everyone seems friendly here, all the people we’ve met here are really friendly. So if you’ve got concerns, get in touch with me or get in touch with the clinic, and they will put those concerns to rest. So thank you.

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