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Psychological work and support during the MS treatment

Psychological support for MS patients The main goal of people working at our clinic is to help our patients to improve health and to treat the symptoms of illness. To fulfill this goal, we provide wide spectrum of treatment and support such as medical, physical and psychological.

These psychological aspects of various techniques and procedures focused on dealing with patient illness and improving their well-being. The benefits we offer are:

  1. Diagnostics is the first step and includes structured interview to identify patient needs so we can prepare an individual psychological program for each person to achieve them. We are aware that people often deal with some psychological symptoms such as insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety or any other kind of obstacles reducing quality of their lives. Usually, we use an neuropsychological, cognitive and personality questionnaires at the beginning and also later, so we can evaluate the effect of the treatment.
  2. We help to identify and resolve emotional issues. We are trained to treat personal and emotional difficulties of different kind, such as:
    • • panic disorder and agoraphobia - by creating system of support
    • • specific and social phobia - by increasing motivation
    • • generalized anxiety disorder - by improving self-confidence
    • • stress - by learning how to relax
    • • obsessive compulsive disorder - by creating trust in self
    • • depression - by finding joy
    • • couple and relationship distress - by communications skills improving
    • • insomnia - by sleep hygiene
    • • learning how to deal with anger - by learning empathy
  3. We create a plan on how to improve quality of your life. It is important to emphasize that we are also focusing on well-being. This means an opportunity for client to learn exploiting their positive emotions, such as optimism, hope, forgiveness, spirituality, gratitude and others according to approach of Positive psychology.
  4. We help to find a way of accepting and coping with illness symptoms.

    We use wide spectrum of techniques and procedures:

    • - psychotherapy,
    • - sleeping hygiene education,
    • - relaxation training,
    • - cognitive therapy,
    • - progressive muscle relaxation training,
    • - psychoeducation about emotions and cope techniques,
    • - breathing techniques,
    • - meditations,
    • - guided visualizations,
    • - reiki,
    • - organize spare time activities and many others.


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