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MS symptoms improvement after Stem Cell treatment

Client: Christopher Carlisle

Country: UK

Hi, my name is Christopher Carlisle, I live in the UK, England and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in January of 2013., which was a massive shock and I got very low in mood and I’ve been a bit of a mess for the last couple of months, to be honest. And I basically was ready to look at alternative treatments that may benefit and have benefit so far.

Yes, I searched on the internet and found a couple of different options, but I looked into detail into the Swiss Medica clinic in Moscow, which was a big decision to make, as they deal with stem cell treatment, which in the UK is all very early days. And the treatment in the UK is quite poor in comparison.

Basically, I’ve been treated for my symptoms, rather than looking at the illness, disease process. So, like I said, I was taking a lot of medication, including tramadol, which I really don’t like and a few other things, which I am now decreasing, looking at stopping, which is a benefit in itself.

But the treatment I’ve had here has been excellent, high standard. The staff are all lovely and speak to you individually, come and see you every day, shake your hand, speak to you, feel part of the process. And the actual stem cell treatment I was sedated for, I didn’t feel a thing at all and slept for the day. But after that I’ve had 2 treatments with stem cells and after that I was feeling a lot fresher, I feel more alert at the moment, I feel more awake than I have done in many, many years, which has affected my family life style and fatigue. Has been a bit of a nightmare, to be honest. So I feel a lot happier.

Also involved is physiotherapy, which is a bit hard at first, but has been very beneficial also. I know this is very early stages of the treatments, the stem cell treatment, but I do feel benefits already, I can say, with fatigue and feeling more alert and made up to be coming off, slowly coming off my medications that made me drowsy, more fatigued.

So I couldn’t recommend a better clinic for people, if they wanted to come and have stem cell treatment, which is a 21st century treatment, with absolutely fantastic staff, as I said.

They will all make you feel at ease and I’ve had no problems with the language barrier, because there has been translation etc. And to be honest, they’re all very good and put us English to shame. I can say I’m the happiest I’ve been for quite a while and I just hope it continues.

There’s not much more to say, other than the experience has been a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Because, of course, you come very worried, don’t know what’s gonna happen. My mother came with me, which is lovely support, but the support from the staff is also excellent.

I highly recommend stem cell treatment to those who were considering it and I would definitely look at Swiss Medica clinic as an option. I found it the best option on the internet, and I can say they have a Skype interview and it’s all amazing. I feel great and I just hope it continues and I will be following up in 3-4 months to see how I’m doing and possibly have a third little treatment.

But the second to none, the staff. I had a great experience and although I’m ready to go home, it’s been fantastic. Fantastic staff, fantastic clinic. Highly recommend it.

Thank you.

Christopher Carlisle after stem cell therapy at swiss medica clinic

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