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Abu Dhabi Stem Cells conference Swiss Medica

Swiss Medica took the opportunity to participate in Neuro Rehabilitation Conference in Abu Dhabi that was held between 5. – 7. of March 2015. This was an international exhibition conference that gathered people from all around the world to listen, learn, teach and participate. More than 300 rehabilitation professionals and delegates of the neurology area were present, which made this venue a big and important happening for the medical community.

It was very well organized and packed with many different opportunities and learning experiences in the form of workshops, seminars and dedicated network areas. It was a great experience for Swiss Medica to present and share our methods and knowledge, but also expend them even further.

We all got a chance to improve by learning more of the latest industry news, regulations and offerings. It was also beneficial for everyone who attended to hear about the newest products on the market and get the access of pre-purchasing them before anyone else in the world. Swiss Medica was fortunate to be one of the six exhibitors at the conference, with dr Nikolay Vasilevich Vorobiev as our lead.

We were also joined by one of our patients from Portugal, who came to share his fascinating story about the impact our clinic had on changing his life and improving his multiple sclerosis symptoms by using stem cell treatments. He presented his ability to walk again, after relying on a wheelchair for a long time. Many Swiss Medica professionals attended as well, in order to help anyone interested understand better about the way we do are treatments.

Participating at this conference was beneficial for both Swiss Medica and many other people in the medical community as well, by giving us all the opportunity to learn, share and expend our knowledge.

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