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Multiple sclerosis autoimmune disease

nervous system multiple sclerosisMultiple sclerosis is an inflammatory, autoimmune disease that causes immune system of a body to act abnormally. Because of this, brain nerve cells get damaged, as well as the spinal cord. Nervous system is unable to function and communicate properly this way, and the disruption causes a number of different kinds of symptoms. Ms disease affects central nervous system, but even though it is a complicated disease to deal with, statistics show that people suffering from it live only about 5 to 10 years less than an average person.

However, the number of deaths from multiple sclerosis increases every year. In 1990. 12.000 people died from it, while in 2013. the number came up to 20.000. More than two million people around the world are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

It is still unknown what causes this disease and there is no cure, but there are different kinds of Ms treatments that can help significantly and help minimize the attacks of disease. Professionals speculate that genetics and infections might be responsible for multiple sclerosis happening.

Around two times more women suffer from multiple sclerosis than men, and it usually targets population between ages 20 to 50.

There are no universally appropriate medications that help the Ms disease. Some are moderately effective, but others are also hardly tolerable to many patients. It is difficult to determine what the outcome of multiple sclerosis will be in each person, but it is known that usually women are the ones with better chances, especially if they developed the symptoms earlier in life, with fewer attacks.

The further regions from equator have the highest numbers of those suffering from multiple sclerosis, although the reason behind this is still left unknown, some are suspecting there might be something to do with lesser Sun exposure and decreased vitamin D in human system.

Ms treatment with stem cells

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