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Multiple Sclerosis treatment with stem cells story

Client: Joshua M.

Country: Wales, UK

ms treatment story

I was at the point in my life where I believed that I could only become more and more gradually unhappy. People kept telling me that multiple sclerosis is just a disease and that I’m so much more than that. That’s not how it felt like to me. I wasn’t able to walk, my body was uncontrollably shaking, talking was a challenge... All these symptoms made my life incredibly hard and I was very depressed, always feeling like there is no way out. Everywhere I went looking for help, I received the same answer: ‘There is no cure for multiple sclerosis, you can only treat it’. It took me 11 years to find the right treatment, and the only one that worked for me and actually changed my symptoms. Swiss Medica and their stem cell treatments gave me a new life.

I came in for the treatment hoping for any kind of results. Even a little change would have made a huge difference for me. The doctors were very supportive and took time to get to know every single detail about my symptoms. They answered all my questions thoroughly and explained to me everything about stem cell therapy. Once I understood how stem cells work I was even more confident about choosing Swiss Medica.

After my treatments were finished, I began to see a little new improvement every day. Now, after 5 months, I can honestly say that I feel like a whole new happy person with a different body. All my symptoms have drastically improved and I can do everyday tasks so much easier and more independently.

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