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French patient with Multiple Sclerosis stem cells treatment experience

Client: Laurence

Country: France

Multiple sclerosis diagnosed in 2002.

My name is Lorence and I suffer from multiple sclerosis. The illness was discovered in 2002 and has thrived for 13 years so far, so my condition gradually worsened. In the beginning, as my condition worsened, I had to walk with a cane, later with two canes, and when I walk around the city or go to the supermarket, I am forced to use a wheelchair because I have no strength to walk. Not always, at home I do not use wheelchair, I use only a cane, but as soon as I get out I have to use a wheelchair.

Your nephew recommended our clinic to you?

My nephew was also here and he met a patient, I think he was a 35 year-old Canadian diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who came to the clinic in a wheelchair. I do not know for how long he stayed at the clinic, I think a few weeks. At the end, when he went home, he walked using a cane, he did not use a wheelchair any more. My uncle, who accompanied my nephew, visited him several times because my nephew stayed here nearly six weeks. During these meetings, he said to me: "You have to inform yourself and try out what Swiss Medica propose for the treatment of multiple sclerosis." So I contacted the clinic and decided to come and opted for the 12 days treatment.

How do you feel after the treatment?

I feel there are things that are improved now, just a moment ago , the neurologist was here and I did the same tests that I did when I arrived. This morning I repeated these tests and he noted that there is an improvement, there are things that have improved. The truth is that I feel a little more strength in my legs, I'm a little more flexible in motion, and it is true that I felt pain when I came 12 days ago, I felt great pain in my knees and elbows and hands. I had a lot of pain, and now, 12 days later, there is no more pain in my knees or elbows or hands. It is a positive effect.

What was the procedure? Was it difficult?

I received a general anesthesia. I know that my nephew, who also had the treatment with stem cells (both types) received a local anesthesia, and for him it was great, he felt nothing, and the surgery went well. I was afraid so much and wanted a general anesthesia, I did not want to feel any pain. During the first operation the stem cells were taken from my bone marrow and injected into my spine, it was upsetting for me when I heard about the procedure and that is the main reason I asked for the general anesthesia. The first operation went well, I woke up and did not feel any pain. Concerning the second operation - liposuction of fat tissue from the abdomen - I haven’t felt anything because it also was under the general anesthesia.

Are you satisfied with the service, staff, doctors?

I am very, very pleasantly surprised by the availability of people. No matter what is their function in the clinic, whether it comes to doctors and nurses, clean staff or those who prepare meals. All are available and I just said this morning that I don’t fell I am in the hospital. Rooms in the villa are beautiful. I am lucky that all 12 days the weather was beautiful, it was sunny, but actually the staff is the sun of the house. They are always available, so smiling and want to listen. You can ask them anything you want, if you want to drink or eat, anything you want, and they are always friendly, empathetic, kind, pleasing.

That helps a lot. It helped me to feel good and not feel like I'm in a hospital environment, despite infusions that lasted for hours. I was getting a lot of infusion during the day, at least four or five a day. It really helps when you want to take a break, when you can not take it anymore or want to stop. You can go outside, drink a coffee, take some fruit, take a break. I call the nurse to come, we laugh together, they always have a kind word for patients, a kiss, a handshake, a small gesture, it is always someone with you, you are not alone.

A Does it seem you're not in the hospital?

There are no words to describe it, because everything is done naturally and pleasantly here. Actually I do not feel sick, it is the most important thing – during these 12 days I haven’t felt sick. I didn’t have the impression that I was treated like a patient. I was treated like a normal person, it is true I take medicines, receive infusions and still have some pain, but I never felt like I was in the hospital.

Did you feel like at home?

Exactly. There's familial atmosphere, rhythm, same people, kind words, and the medical staff is always available when you have a question, they come every day to see you. It is important, they do not come just because of the treatment, the doctors are everyday here to ask you how your day was, how you feel, if the treatment eas difficult or easy. There is no clinical atmosphere, no hospital smell. In hospitals there is always the smell of drugs. Here I don’t feel it at all. thisw is actually like a villa. We're not in the hospital, we are in the house where they care about us. Patients do not feel sick here.


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