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Cure for MS - can MS be cured how it is treated?

cure for msCommon Ms treatments can control and slow down the progression of MS symptoms. Every person suffers from multiple sclerosis in a different way, so medications and treatments in curing MS have to be customized.

Drugs can help quite a bit in growth of lesions, reducing symptoms and managing relapses. Depending on a medication, it can be consumed orally or by injections. Some of the mainly used oral drugs are teriflunomide and fingolimod, while medications in a form of an injection include interferon beta-1a, interferon beta-1b, glatiramer acetate and pegylated interferon beta-1a.

A person who frequently experiences relapses relies on medications, because they benefit both the body, but also a person’s mental condition as well. When inflammation happens, they can lead a disease to the next stage, which is why it’s important to have the situation under control as much as possible.

However if medications are not right for a person, they can’t ease the inflammation and relapses.

Relaxations of muscles can often help a person with multiple sclerosis, because it minimizes spasm, fatigue and pain. Also, it can help with any signs of depression. Medications to treat stiff muscles include baclofen, cyclobenzaprine, diazepam and tizanidine.

Physical therapy and exercise can play an important part in the recovery and in curing of multiple sclerosis. People diagnosed with multiple sclerosis are usually very tired, so exercise can be very challenging for them. However, this can improve the condition of a patient a lot, so exercise is necessary. Important step is also participating in physical therapy, which needs to be carefully selected for every individual patient. If done correctly, it can increase energy, help with walking, strength and coordination.

Those with multiple sclerosis should be active as much as possible. It is absolutely crucial as a part of a Ms treatment process, and no matter how hard it seems at first, a person should continue with it and gradually build it up. There is still no multiple sclerosis cure, but good treatment regimen can improove MS condition, and make better quality life for patient.

Can stem cells cure Ms?

Stem Cells treatment as one of the relatively recent discoveries shows very good results. Unlike common treatments and therapies that only keep Ms symptoms under control, stem cell treatment offers a massive change in curing multiple sclerosis by not masking the issue, but truly improving it and repairs previously damaged tissue.

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