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Stem cell transplants can leave multiple sclerosis in remission stage for years

Recent studies show that stem cell treatment can completely stop multiple sclerosis relapses for years. Patients who went through this HALT-MS showed brilliant results, leaving their disease a lot more manageable. Because immune system of a person is being rebuilt using their own stem cells, results turned out to be more than successful.

These studies started almost a decade ago (in 2006.) and were done on 24 multiple sclerosis sufferers within five years, in Denver. Results show that a fascinating percentage of 86% people stopped experiencing relapses altogether, whilst for 91% of them there were no signs of disease progression. This is mainly done by restoring myelin that is capable of repairing the damaged nerves, making them regain their function.

Scotland receives 2 million pounds for multiple sclerosis stem cell research

Since the present stage of multiple sclerosis stem cell treatments have proven to be very successful, Scottish scientists have decided to explore this matter even further. Researches will happen within the next five years in The Edinburgh Centre, where the team will work on understanding multiple sclerosis as much as possible in order to make the quality of a treatment even better. There are 2 million pounds currently put in this research.

Scientists work on a drug that replaces stem cells lost in multiple sclerosis

Case Western Reserve is building a drug that could potentially reverse damage in the brain caused by multiple sclerosis. The research is currently done on mice and is trying to activate their brain cells using a different combination of drugs that treat athlete’s foot and eczema. Scientists from Case Western Reserve are hoping to find a mix that will catalyze stem cells of a person’s body, replacing those lost in multiple sclerosis.

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