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Primary Progresive Ms treatment - Case study 034

Age: 37 Sex: Female Nationality: British

Treatment center: Moscow Date: 05.-26. January 2012

Diagnosis: Primary Progressive Ms

PRE-TREATMENT CONDITION: Physical examination shows stable vital signs. Patient was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Ms in 2008. Since then, Ms symptoms progressed in severity - vision, hand grip, vertigo headaches, pain and stiffness in legs. Other symptoms (fatigue, weakness, energy level, depression) stagnated. No new symptoms occurred. The patient does not use crutches or wheelchair but has extreme walking problems (right leg) and writing (right hand). Weakness in limbs is visible. Energy levels are low, even when resting. Blurry vision is almost constant (probably causes headaches and vertigo). Hand grip is weak in both hands, but much stronger in the left one. Now after treatment patient story is full of optimisim, and six months after stem cell treatment symptoms have significantly improved.


Primary Progressive Ms

PATIENT CONDITION: After stem cell treatment for Primary Progressive Ms, patient had no side effects, feels fatigued, but not depressed. Initially, she feels that her mood improved significantly. Leg pain and muscle stiffness reacted very well to physiotherapy (especially lymphatic drainage). The patient feels that enhancement procedures helped her symptoms. Her mood, energy level, limb weakness, hand grip and fatigue improved. Headaches, vision problems and vertigo persist (much less intensity)



Treatment center: Moscow Date: 20. April 2012

Primary Progressive Ms treatment

Patient condition: 6 months after the treatment, patient shows significant improvements. Long walks are rarely followed by pain and muscle stiffness. She still has some trouble walking, but stability is not a great problem anymore. Limb weakness and hand grip improved but she still cannot write as good as she wants to (but "writing exercises are not a priority") Her vision is still "blurry". Headaches and vertigo are less frequent than three months ago.


Primary Progressive Ms sytmptoms

Based on the patient's evaluation on the levels of improvement of her condition (improvements of the Ms symptoms are graded 1-10) we can conclude that her overall condition significantly improved (average rating of 5.60) immediately after stem cell administration. First follow-up evaluation showed additional improvements in all of her symptoms (average rating of 7.00) as well as the second follow-up evaluation - final improvement rating of 7.92 which means that the patient's condition improved 79,2 % by her own assessment.


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