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Remyelination - MS Stem Cells Treatment

Myelin is a fatty substance, a mixture of different proteins, which coat nerve fibers and control speed of impulses. Diseases such as multiple sclerosis are caused because body’s own immune system attacks myelin, leading to its damage, which affects the brain and spinal cord, creating numerous complications. In time, after inflammations, myelin starts to disappear. Lack of myelin causes all of the five senses to suffer and symptoms such as tremors, numbness, paralysis, loss of vision and cognitive impairments occur. Remyelination is very efficient in the early stages of multiple sclerosis, it causes remyelination to fail in the more chronic stages.

multiple sclerosis treatment remyelination

Main goal for scientists and researchers working on understanding multiple sclerosis is to find a way to stop the immune system from attacking myelin. Although there are many different drugs which can slow down the process or relieve the symptoms, so far only the stem cell treatment offers a revolutionary remyelination, meaning it has the power to reverse the loss of myelin and rebuild it, using a person’s own stem cells.

A healthy body is able to repair the myelin damage using oligodendrocyes cells, but a person suffering from multiple sclerosis loses this ability, and even though at the very beginning of the disorder organism manages to fix myelin deficiency, in time, normal nerve functions are lost. This is when disability takes place.

Recent years brought a new discovery and a solution for all multiple sclerosis patients, in the form of a stem cell treatment. This unique procedure uses stem cells from patients own body, and when they are activated and put back into the human organism, they lead to remyelination of nervous system. In the course of few months, stem cells work on reproducing sufficient myelin, improving and reversing symptoms drastically. In addition, with this treatment, all the organs are rejuvenated and revived, creating better health and prolonging a life.

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