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Autologous stem cells

Stem cells type - AutologousAutologous stem cells are adult stem cells extracted from patient’s own body (harvested from lower abdominal fat tissue).

At Swiss Medica clinic, extraction of the stem cells is done under local anesthesia combined with intravenous sedation, so our patients avoid all risks that are associated with general anesthesia and intubation. With modern, specialized equipment used by the experienced stem cells specialist team, these procedures are technically easy to perform: Iliac bone is only 1- 2 cm under the skin so by using clear anatomical orienteers, with no complications, needle aspiration of bone marrow is done in approximately 15 minutes. Adipose tissue from lower abdominal area is extracted through simple process of mini-liposuction.

Immediately after harvesting of the stem cells, the patient is awake, has breakfast and is being monitored in a procedure room. Since we use only intravenous sedation, there is no “post anesthesia drowsiness”. As the procedure is done using only a needle, trauma to the surrounding tissue is minimal.

The preparation of patient’s stem cells is done under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. After couple of hours, procedure of stem cells preparation is done and infusion with patient’s stem cells is ready for administration. Since these stem cells are cells from patient’s own body, there are no risks of infections, allergic or oncologic reactions


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