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Multiple sclerosis seizures, tremors, tingling, twitching

ms seizures tremors tingling twitchingEven though epileptic seizures are more common in people with multiple sclerosis , it’s not by a lot. Only about 8% of people diagnosed with this disease ever experience a seizure. Around 2%-3% of them have regularly active seizures. Researches still don’t show why exactly seizures happen more to those with multiple sclerosis, but it is noticed that they are more frequent when the disease flares up. Luckily, those who go through seizures can usually successfully control them with medication such as carbamazepine and phenytoin.

People with multiple sclerosis can also experience tremors. They are characteristic for creating shaking movements that can’t be controlled willingly and can appear in any part of a body, but is the most common in the arms and legs. They can be very visible, or only detectable by the person having them. There are the two main types of tremors: intention tremors and postural tremors. Intention tremors are those that happen only when a person is moving. This creates a number of problems in everyday life, including social aspect of a person’s life and can cause depression because of it. The second one, postural tremors, is less common than intention tremors and is experienced when a person is standing or sitting, but not when lying down. Sometimes resting tremor can also occur in a person suffering from multiple sclerosis (happens while resting), but it is very rare and more known as a part of Parkinson’s disease.

Those suffering from multiple sclerosis may also experience signs of tingling and twitching. Tingling is characteristic especially as an early sign of the disease. Muscle twitching could be one of the symptoms as well, but as with most of the other symptoms, it varies from person to person, and not everybody experience the same things.

Seizures and tremors can be first symptoms of Ms

Symptoms of Ms

Symptoms of Ms

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis can affect many different parts of organism and may vary from person to person.

Ms symptoms early signs

Early signs of Ms

One of the first multiple sclerosis signs are usually troubles with vision, including blurriness, double vision, pain.

Multiple Sclerosis effects

Multiple Sclerosis effects

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