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After the treatment, we keep in contact with our patients at least one year and longer. They are free to contact us whenever it is necessary. Feedback is very important to us.

Our patients are asked to send reports about their condition and improvements every two weeks, to explain how they feel. Sometimes doctors recommend changes of the therapy and give instructions. If necessary, patients can call the clinic any time and ask for doctor's advice about any potential questions they may have. Our doctors and nurses on duty work 24/7. We are always at our patient's disposal and available for any doubts or questions they may have after going back home.

Follow-up visits are recommended during the first year after the treatment. First follow-up is usually after 3 months, others according to doctor’s recommendation. Follow-ups during the first year after the treatment are included in the price. Usually they last 2-3 days outpatient. Patients spend 2 hours in the clinic, usually from 10 am until 12 am.

Follow-up visit usually includes blood tests and general assessment of the condition, examinations of our doctors (neurologist, stem cell specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist...), therapy correction, further recommendations.

Meals during follow-up visits are not included in the price.

Transportation from and to the airport is not included in the price.

We can provide you with phone number of taxi service.

* Terms and conditions of potential additional therapies and longer stay during follow-up visit are previously discussed and agreed with doctors.


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