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Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cells treatment experience

Client: Aileen MacGibbon

Country: Ireland

ms treatment stem cells experience

Multiple sclerosis made me feel hopeless, even though I wasn’t suffering from it as severely as some other people. I got my first symptoms in High school, about 6 years ago. I had many problems with vision and I started to lose my sensitivity. I couldn’t tell the difference between a human skin and an object when I touched it. After a while, my symptoms become worse and I started experiencing relapses regularly. Because I couldn’t properly control my movements, I felt like I was a person without a body, which was incredibly frustrating. Medications and treatments helped me to a certain extend, but I’ve never seen any drastic improvements. Relapses kept happening.

I’ve heard about Swiss Medica clinic from my friend whom I’ve met at one of my multiple sclerosis support groups. When I’ve seen how her body and life transformed after the stem cells treatments, I couldn’t deny that it works. She was so happy and satisfied and kept telling me that I have to do it too. I’ve decided to take her advice and I contacted Swiss Medica.

After talking and discussing everything with them, the clinic flew me to Moscow and picked me up at the airport, so the level of my stress about organization was minimal. From the very first moment everybody at the clinic was extremely helpful, understanding and patient with me. The doctors did a detailed analysis of my condition and told me everything about stem cell treatments. All the people and staff were very positive and friendly and I felt safe and relaxed there.

The treatment was completely painless, because I received a total anesthesia. I started to see changes in my condition in about a week, just as doctors have told me it will happen. My symptoms were only slightly improving at first, but now after 6 months, I am noticing a huge difference! My sensitivity is much better, I feel more in charge of my body and my vision has improved as well! I can’t believe that’s all it took to make my life so much better! My only regret is that I haven’t done it sooner!

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