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Multiple Sclerosis true experience

Client: Chloé B.

Country: France

ms treatment stem cells true experience

One of the worst things about multiple sclerosis is the fear of the unknown. I used to wake up every morning worried of relapses, worried how my symptoms are going to act that day. Some days were simply worse than others. I was scared that my condition may gradually worsen over time or that I just won’t be able to handle it anymore. I was only 32 and I was already exhausted by multiple sclerosis, I couldn’t imagine living like that for the rest of my life.

Some of the problems I’ve experienced were double vision, coordination, talking, balancing my body and my reflexes were very pronounced as well. I was so tired and sometimes in a lot of pain, that many days I just had to stay in bed. I’ve also suffered from bladder problems, which made going out of the house even harder.

When I’ve first heard about stem cell therapy at Swiss Medica I was very skeptical. I’ve decided to explore and research it because I thought it can’t hurt to just know more about it. I was surprised when I’ve seen all the stories, videos and understood all the science behind it. It wasn’t shocking for me anymore, and I’ve decided to try it myself.

The whole experience was very pleasant. Doctors and staff took great care of me and made me feel welcome in the country I’ve never been before. I could really see that they take their job very seriously and professionally, and because of it I was not worried that anything can go wrong. The hospital and accommodation were also very nice and luxurious. I knew I’ve made the right and safe choice.

The procedure itself was very easy, fast and I didn’t feel any pain. They use total anesthesia, which also makes it a non-traumatic experience, because you are asleep whilst it’s all happening. My condition started improving slightly after the first week, but I could see the biggest difference after 3 months. The quality of my life has improved so much and I’m finally happy! I didn’t think it’s possible! I owe so much to Swiss Medica!

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