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Patient story about treatment for primary progressive ms

Client: British female

Country: UK

I was 33 when I first got diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. I was very scared, even though everyone tried to calm me down telling me that I will be fine and that my symptoms might stagnate for a very long time, as it is very common with multiple sclerosis patients. However, I wasn’t that lucky. After only 4 years my symptom became drastically worse. My vision was terrible, so was my hand grip – it was almost impossible for me to write or hold anything properly. I felt like my legs were from the two completely different bodies – while the left one was almost fine, the right one made it extremely hard for me to walk. I always felt so weak, tired, I’ve had very painful headaches most of the time, and experiencing frequent vertigos didn’t make the situation any easier. I felt exhausted and depressed and I knew I couldn’t fight this illness alone anymore.

I was fearful of my future, because none of the treatments made any difference for me. All the medications took away my problems only slightly. That was not enough for me, so I searched for something more helpful. When I found Swiss Medica, I was intrigued. The idea that I could not only take care of the problems that might occur in the future, but also make my current symptoms better, sounded like a miracle to me!

I have to admit that I was scared going in, but the fear went away very quickly. I could see that Swiss Medica’s doctors and staff really care about all of their patients and take every case very seriously, which made me very calm. I was there for 12 days, but it all went by really fast. The procedure alone took only a day, and it was completely painless, quick and stress-free. The doctors and stuff don’t only care about your condition improving, but they also care about making you feel relaxed and comfortable as much as possible.

It’s been six months after my treatment and my symptoms have significantly improved! My stability is so much better and my legs don’t feel as weak as before. I do feel pain in them after longer walks, but not even that often. Walking is not a big challenge as it once was. I would still like my writing to be an easier process, but I didn’t make writing exercises a priority. Although my vision is still somewhat blurry, one of my biggest problems – headaches and vertigo are rarely occurring anymore! I have so much more energy too, and my days are not filled with pain anymore!

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