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SPMS treatment with stem cells experience

Client: Portuguesean male

Country: Portugal

I have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and I’ve found out about Swiss Medica clinic through my friend who took her son for a stem cell treatment , who is suffering from autism. His condition improved a lot and my friend was always convincing me to try it myself as well. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to travel all the way to Moscow, spend my money, organize everything… It seemed like too much of a hassle, I didn’t know if it’s going to be worth it for me. However, one day when my symptoms were specifically bad and I was very depressed about it and felt like I didn’t have any options left, I contacted the clinic. I already knew everything about the procedure from listening to my friend talk about it, so I immediately scheduled an appointment. It was an impulsive decision, but a very good one!

First of all, traveling to Moscow was extremely easy. I’m from Portugal and it took only a few hours to get there by airplane. Organization was very minimal, because clinic has done most of it. While I was staying in Swiss Medica I’ve had the best experience. Doctors and staff are very cheerful, helpful people who honestly care about every single one of their patients. The treatment itself was the easiest part, because I was in total anesthesia and I completely slept through it.

Before the treatment I was moving only by using a wheelchair. I’ve had problems with speech, swallowing, urinating, fatigue, lack of energy, declining vision, depression, pain and stiffness in my legs, weakness, coordination… 3 months after the treatment most of my symptoms improved and I was very satisfied. I’ve had more energy, walked using only one crutch, spoke better and easier, stiffness and pain in muscles decreased… I was still feeling depressed, even though significantly less, so I didn’t perform all the exercises recommended by clinic. I’m not sure if that’s the reason, or something else, but I was one of the rare cases for whom 6 months after the treatment, most of the symptoms stagnated and some of them even deteriorated. I was still feeling a lot better than before my stem cell treatment, but really wished that some of my symptoms didn’t deteriorated.

Because of this, doctors recommended that I do one more treatment and I knew that it was a good idea. After the second time I could see truly amazing results! Right away I could walk about 15 meters without any help of crutches. Muscle stiffness and speech problems were completely gone and my coordination was great. I’m so glad I decided to do it, I live my life so much better and more fulfilled now!

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