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Stem cell treatment for PPMS - patient experience

Client: Irish female

Country: Ireland

I got diagnosed with Primary Progresive Ms about 10 years ago, and I decided to go to treatment. Unlike many other patients, I didn’t doubt nor was I scared of stem cell treatments. It was obvious that it works and even though these treatments are still not widely used, I’m pretty sure that it will happen in the near future. I was always up to date with new information about stem cells and just waited for my opportunity to try it out myself. After reading many stories and reviews, I came to the conclusion that Swiss Medica is defiantly the best option. The price was reasonable compared to the other clinics that do stem cell treatments for multiple sclerosis, and all of their patients seemed pretty satisfied. The location was also just a couple of hours away from Ireland, where I live. The package Swiss Medica offers is also the best and includes not just the treatment of course, but many other perks, including staff that picks you up from the airport, food that can be customized for your own needs, great accommodation etc.

From the moment I arrived, everyone had their full attention on me and really helped me a lot. The stem cell procedure alone lasts for only about a day and the rest of my 12 day stay I’ve spent doing other little treatments, diagnosis and exercises. My days were always full, well balanced and organized. No time was wasted.

While I was still at the clinic, right after my stem cell treatment, I felt that my energy levels were so much higher, which was a huge problem for me before. I also didn’t feel pain that I was usually experiencing in my day-to-day life.

Primary Progressive Ms symptoms after treatment

After 3 months I stopped using a wheelchair and used only crutches, sometimes I could even walk without them for a short amount of time. I was only once having a problem with vertigo and sickness, which was a great improvement, because I was constantly experiencing them before the treatment.

Now, 6 months after stem cell treatment for my Primary Progressive Ms, my other symptoms improved as well. My double vision disappeared and I can write again, even though I can’t do it for a long time. I can walk much longer distances before getting tired. I am not depressed anymore, feel no vertigo, pain or sickness. I still experience some problems such as reduced eyesight in my left eye, but nothing is as bad as it once was. I’m completely amazed at how much a stem cell treatment can contribute towards a better quality of life!

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