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Multiple Sclerosis treatment with stem cells story

Client: French female

Country: France

I was diagnosed with Relapsing remitting ms only two years before I’ve deiced to try the stem cell treatment. I’ve heart only great experiences about it from a few different people and I didn’t want to waste my time. I admit that I was a bit scared at first, wondering if there could be any side effects, but after learning more about it I wasn’t worried any more.

I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, but my relapses didn’t occur too often and they lasted less than a week. However, when relapses happened I was experiencing extreme fatigue, very blurry vision, and stiffness in legs. I also had bowel, urinary, memory and balance problems. At that time it always felt as if my life have stopped and transform into a pure survival. When I began to have troubles with my memory and fatigue during remission periods, I started getting pretty afraid, because it was a sign of my multiple sclerosis progressing. I wanted to be treated as soon as possible.

Swiss Medica was my first choice for a stem cell treatment, because most of the people I knew that have done it went there. Everyone highly recommended them, so I didn’t even want to consider any other clinic. I knew Swiss Medica is safe and tested amongst my friends.

I was very anxious when traveling to Moscow, because I was never there and didn’t know what to expect. However, everyone was very friendly and the clinic itself is very international. There are people there from all around the world (doctors, staff and patients), which was very calming for me and I didn’t feel like I’m the only one that stands out.

I couldn’t tell if there was any improvement right after the treatment, because of the type of multiple sclerosis I have, but I didn’t experience any relapses, which was a good sign.

After 3 months I only had one relapse, which was shorter and its symptoms less intense. 3 months after that I’ve experienced one mild relapse (only 2 relapses in 6 months after my stem cell treatment).

My symptoms have improved so much. My balance is a lot better, I don’t get tired easily, my memory problems are completely eliminated, I see better and bowel problems are minimal. My symptoms are very mild now and I don’t feel that my disease is affecting my life anymore. I hope that everyone who has the chance to try this treatment at Swiss Medica, does so.

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