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UK patient with MS stem cells treatment experience - VIDEO

Client: Ursula

Country: UK

Hello my name is Ursula and I’ve been diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis about 10 years ago and for years I’ve dealing with symptoms myself. It wasn’t so harsh, it wasn’t so bad, basically just a bit of mobility issues and balance problems but then some years ago it went really bad. So that time I’m started to look for alternatives and on the internet I found Swiss Medica Clinic. I liked it. I decided to come and I have not regretted this decision. Now I can say about 3 weeks of therapies I’m feeling much better. I have much more energy. My mobility is improving. My balance is better. My immune system got the really serious bust… boost …so it’s really good. I’m happy that I’ve come here. Everybody is been very, very nice, very accommodating, very in tune with my needs and what it’s suppose to be done so… …this is it!

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