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Patient with Multiple Sclerosis stem cells tretment story

Client: Katerina

Country: Italy

Danijela: Good Afternoon

Katerina: Good Afternoon

Danijela: What’s your name?

Katerina: Katerina.

Danijela: Nice to meet you, my name is Danijela! Katerina, I would like to ask you to tell me in brief why you came to our clinic, what do you suffer from and when the illness was diagnosed?

Katerina: Well, I suffer from multiple sclerosis which was diagnosed in 2009 and since then it has had different manifestations that have been treated with cortisone, but not as a definite solution. Doctors have told me that I must take some medicines to treat my pathology and I used to take those medicines for a year, but one year ago I stopped taking them on my own.

Danijela: I see. And how did you feel after you stopped taking them?

Katerina: When I stopped taking them, to be honest, I felt much better but I repeat that it was on my own since those medicines made me feel even worse, and that is why I decided on my own to stop taking them.

Danijela: And how did you feel during the first period of treatment with stem cells?Why did you choose the treatment with stem cells?

Katerina: Because I deeply believe in this treatment and in this treatment method and I am quite sure that my instinct brought me here. It is true that I eliminated all possible medicines but I also started to take care about my food diet, i.e., I started slowly to improve my diet and remove the things that might impair my medical condition. I also wanted to continue with improvements and decided to come to you and try this medical treatment.

Danijela: And how do you feel after this treatment? Stem cells were taken from your bone marrow, from connective, adipose tissue and gluteus (buttock muscle).

Katerina: Yes, because I'm quite thin and therefore it was unlikely to take connective tissue from my stomach and, therefore, it was partly taken from the bone marrow and partly from the gluteal muscles. Actually, the mass that could be used was taken, and/or the mass that could be re-injected into the areas of muscle mass.

Danijela: I see. Did you find these procedures hard and painful or not?

Katerina: No,even considering what am like, I would feel some kind of pain, for any reason, because I am too sensitive a person, but I did not feel pain since I was subject to total anesthesia because it was for the best.

Danijela: Therefore, you did not feel any pain, did you?

Katerina:: No, absolutely not, that is, when stem cells were taken from bone marrow for the first time, I felt pain, small pain, only the first day. Then, two days later when stem cells were taken from the gluteus muscle and I felt pain, let’s say, two more days, but they were actually quite bearable.

Danijela: Did you feel any kind of improvement upon completion of these procedures?

Katerina: During the procedure, a neurologist conducted some analyses both before and after the treatment with stem cells from the bone marrow and immediately determined that my balance was all right.

Danijela: And how do you feel now after undergoing all these treatments? Finally.

Katerina: I feel safe here, I feel great. I think I will find it difficult to leave this place since I took it as a holiday, a holiday in a welfare and good health.

Danijela: All right.

Katerina: I got to like all these people here, because they are all smiling, and they do everything with great positivity, which in itself, in my opinion, could be enough to improve my situation and I don’t says this only for the sake of saying it but I really, truly mean this.

Danijela: Thank you, you will be able to tell other people that there is a reference place here for multiple sclerosis and you will be able to advise them on that?

Katerina: Yes, I would advise them because unfortunately there is lots of ignorance around us, it does not depend on anybody, unfortunately ,there are protocols that we have to abide by, which I also used to abide by as many people believe that they will do good if they are subject to obvious methodologies, those conducted by physicians, and there is no doubt that they can be excellent, all of them; however, some other situations should be considered and I never kept on something that was obvious, on general, normal things, and I always went forwarding search of any other possibility.

Danijela: The one which might be effected?

Katerina: From the things that could be most useful. For me there is no situation without a solution. There is always a solution for everything, I know this, I am so much sure about that and that is why I should follow my instinct, I don’t listen when I am told not to do something, on the contrary I always think with my head and do what I really want.

Danijela: We sincerely hope and expect a lot from this treatment with stem cells. We are very happy that you feel good, that you are very positive, that everything went well and that you were calm and peaceful.

Katerina: Yes, quite.

Danijela: You had no stress at all. Our plan now is to see each other again in two months during a control visit?

Katerina: Yes, for about two months.

Danijela: Thank you.

Katerina: You are welcome.


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