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MS patient from Leeds transmits experience with the treatment

Client: Francesca

Country: UK

I’ve definitely had much less spasticity in my legs. Physiotherapy here has been very good.

Hello! Can you tell us where do you come from and why did you decide to come?

I come from Leeds in the UK. So a friend of mine, whose nephew had a friend who had been to the Moscow clinic, that’s how I heard about you. So I decided to investigate it and decided to come as well myself.

OK, and what is the diagnose?

I have multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed 2011. Probably had symptoms for a few years before that. So there has been 6 years since diagnosis and I’ve gone from a very able body to a wheelchair user, in that time. So I had a very, very rapid, fast progression. I don’t have much therapy in England.

What is your experience here? What kinds of therapies you had here?

Here, I’ve had lots of therapies. Physio has been very good. Everything has been very tailor made to me. It’s been very, very individual. I was supposed to be here for 12 days, but I actually stayed for 16. It’s been very, very good.

Do you notice any changes? Did it help?

Yes. Well, since I’ve been here my voice has suddenly improved. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better. I haven’t been getting as tired either. Things can get (…), but it’s better than it was. And I’ve definitely had much less spasticity in my legs. Physiotherapy here has been very good. I need to follow up with that at home.

So you will continue with recommendations doctor gave you? And we will maybe see you soon for a follow up visit.

Yeah, will be probably coming back in the end of August. In three months time. Kind of even look forward to it. It’s so nice here.

OK. We look forward too. Thank you.

Yeah. The accommodation here is brilliant. And it’s so clean. And all the staff are so nice, they’ve been very friendly. Because I came here with my husband, then he went back to work, so I’ve been on my own for two weeks, which has been fine.

OK. We are glad to hear that everything was alright during your stay here.


Thank you.

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