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Multiple Sclerosis treatment for PRMS - patient story

Client: Italian female

Country: Italy

I’ve heard about the stem cell treatments many times, but never even considered it as a treatment for my pregoressive relapsing ms. I thought it must be something risky and dangerous, but the fact is I only thought that because I didn’t know enough about it. After hearing so much positive feedback from other patients around me, I’ve decided it’s time for me to educate myself. While I was reading more about it online, I’ve found Swiss Medica clinic.

I’m diagnosed with Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis and my relapses used to occur very frequently and they usually lasted up to a week. They were very exhausting and affected my life completely. The situation was gradually getting worse and I’ve had no remission periods. I was worried how far it’s going to go.

I’ve had terrible back pain and I could never see clearly, everything seemed so blurry. I’ve felt weak, tired and constantly dizzy. I was also experiencing bowel and urinary problems, stiffness in legs, sexual dysfunction, depression... I’ve forgotten what it was like to just simply have a normal day, without any pain or symptoms.

Swiss Medica was very understanding of my worries about the treatment and explained to me in detail every step in the process. After learning more about it and knowing exactly what to expect I felt a lot safer and ready to do it. Even though I knew that the procedure is simple, I couldn’t believe it is actually that easy! It wasn’t stressful or painful and all the doctors and staff were very relaxed and caring. I was really impressed with their approach.

Progressive Relapsing Ms prognosis

While I was still at the clinic all of my symptoms improved. I’ve had so much more energy, the back pain was almost gone, I could see more clearly, I wasn’t as dizzy as I was before the treatment… I remember thinking that even if all my symptoms stayed like that, I would be satisfied. However, after 6 months they got even less problematic and I didn’t have any relapses, not even once! I feel better and I can honestly say that not even one of my symptoms stagnated. I see improvements in my vision, which is only slightly blurry now, I feel dizziness only when standing up, my back pain is gone, I rarely have bowel and urinary problems, sexual dysfunction is improving… I couldn’t be happier with what Swiss Medica has done for me!

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