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Treatment for Secondary Progresive Ms - patient story

Client: Italian female

Country: Italy

I suffered from Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis when I went for my stem cell treatment in Swiss Medica. My symptoms were pretty bad and I could barely do anything I wanted easily. I couldn’t walk, I could only move with help of my wheelchair. On my better days I could use crutches, but even then, it was hard. My coordination was really bad and my muscles felt painful and stiff all the time. Speech and memory problems also appeared sometimes. I’ve had constipation and urinary problems, which made it even harder to be sociable. I couldn’t go out of the house without worrying about it, which I think, was one of the reasons why I was extremely depressed. My sexual drive was non-existing. It seemed like one problem was always leading to another… It was a never-ending cycle I wasn’t even able to stop or even slow down.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a Swiss Medica website. I started reading about how they do stem cell treatments for multiple sclerosis and I began to consider it. After talking to the clinic I was still a bit hesitant and worried. I didn’t want to make the wrong decision and harm my health even more. Now I see how wrong I was! There was nothing to worry about!

The clinic was very professional and luxurious and from the very first moment it was obvious that it’s a safe place to be. There was always somebody that was taking care of me, at all times. The doctors were extremely experienced with stem cell treatments and knew exactly what I needed. I was worried about how much it will hurt, but it didn’t hurt at all! I was under anesthesia the whole procedure. I could see improvements in my Ms symptoms while I was still at the clinic, I couldn’t believe it! There was no stiffness in my legs and the pain was almost gone! My energy level was impeccable and I was walking using crutches.

Secondary Progressive Ms symptoms

6 months has passed after my stem cell treatment and most of my multiple sclerosis symptoms have improved drastically. I never use a wheelchair anymore, I can walk perfectly fine with only one crutch! Muscle pain and stiffness are the things of past, I never experience them anymore! Although I still have sexual and urinary problems, it’s so much easier to deal with, now when I don’t have to worry about all the rest. I feel so much better, both physically and mentally.

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